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    Which scaffolding holds more weight

    Release time: 2021-11-23 Viewed: 3471
    When someone ask ‘which scaffolding holds more weight’, he/she usually wants to know the maximum intended load of a scaffolding. In addition to quality and safety, scaffolding bearing capacity is also a point we need to pay attention to. It’s important to understand the meaning of maximum intended load which can help ensure that workers are following proper scaffold safety measures. We are going to talk about the weight capacity of the scaffolding system.
    Before setting up scaffolding, we need to confirm the maximum intended load and the rated load capacity. It's important to understand these data, which can help scaffolding builders setting up scaffolding safely, and workers using scaffolding system efficient.
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    About maximum intended load

    What is maximum intended load meaning? Maximum intended load of scaffolding is the total weight of workers, construction materials, tools and equipment, transmitted loads, and other loads reasonably to be applied to the scaffold or its component. It’s important in figuring out the maximum pressure of the scaffolding withstands.
    According to the OSHA, scaffolding and component shall be capable of supporting, without failure, its own weight and at least 4 times the maximum intended load applied or transmitted to it [1926.451(a)(1)]. 

    About rated load capacity

    Scaffolding and components can not be loaded more than their rated capacity or maximum intended load, whichever is less. There are three types of scaffolding classed by weight. And every type of scaffold has a specific maximum capacity.
    The rated load capacity of a scaffold is defined as followed. 

    Rated Load Capacity of Scaffold

    Intended Load Should Be



    25 pounds per square foot

    (applied uniformly)


    "brick masons"

    50 pounds per square foot

    (applied uniformly)



    75 pounds per square foot

    (applied uniformly)

    scaffolding weight capacity

    How to confirm the loading capacity of a scaffolding?

    You can connect the engineer to confirm the maximum intended load and he rated load capacity before building a scaffolding. If your team can’t confirm the data of loading capacity, you can connect with the manufacture or supplier. To learn more information about load capacity and scaffolding safety, or if you are interested in our scaffolding products, please call the hotline +8617731713701 or contact us online. 

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